Infosys share price today | Infosys share price target 2023

Infosys share price today | Infosys share price target 2023

Infosys share price today | Infosys share price target 2023 Infosys shares have got to see a decline of 15%, we are going to see information about this through today's article, so let's start, let's see whether you can buy this stock or not, we will give you complete information today. If we are going to tell in this article, then let's start, we have got to see a decline of 15% in the stock of Infosys, let's know about it.

Infosys share price today | Infosys share price target 2023

Infosys shares have seen a significant decline. On Monday, this share has gone to the lowest level in the last 52 weeks on NSC and this share has registered a decline of about 1185 points at ₹ 30. Infosys is India's second largest IT company. And this stock fall is very harmful for the investors, this company is located in Bengaluru and

Infosys, this lion is running in its downtrend and has fallen down a lot and has fallen down about 15 percent. Or there is a possibility of coming up, can this lion give breakout or should you get out of God, we are going to give all this information to you in today's article, so let's start

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Can I buy Infosys share | Should I buy Infosys share today?

Friends, we are going to tell you the answers to all these questions in today's article, so let's start today's ticket and know whether you should buy this share or not, we are going to tell you the complete information about this. If this article was to be made then only then you will know the complete information as we told you that this is going on all the time, so worry a lot because this stock is coming down very fast.

Should I buy 1 share of Infosys 

The down trending of this stock started from March 28, 2022, which is continuing till this year, and when this stock was going down, its price was around 17 to ₹ 68 and today it has come down to ₹ 1258. has fallen and has come down a lot here everything will tell you four when this stock fell down in March 2022 after that this stock came up a bit in July 2022 and this stock went in correction for many days till the stock went into correction

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And friends, this share is running in correction for a long time, after that this share in 2023, on April 17, 2023, this share was at about ₹ 13 to ₹ 88, but when the market opened on Monday, this share fell almost 100 points and now it The stock has stood at 1246 and has fallen down a lot, it has also gone below the daily time line, as well as the stock is trying to come here on the weekly time line, and at the moment it is like buying the stock. There is no atmosphere now if you want to invest in it then you should stop for a few days because the chart of this stock is going down a lot, this stock has gone down on the daily timeline.

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So friends have got it, you must have liked the article nowadays, we have tried to give you information, this stock has fallen down by almost 9%, today means on Monday and very low, almost 10 point 10 percent pillow stock has fallen down. And there is a loss of about 130 points here or below or the city, so if you want to invest, then go against it now, later you can think of investing in it by brushing this chart.

We do not recommend investing in any type of stock, we are just trying to give information on our analysis and above our practice. Take advice and do not invest in any stock without his advice. This is just our personal opinion and we do not have any recommendation to buy or sell any staff.


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