What is Kik Messenger, know about it Kik 50

What is Kik Messenger, know about it Kik 50

Friends, welcome to the article according to today and we will know in today's article what is kik messenger and why you should know about this app, what is this application, we are going to tell you all this information in today's article. Stay with us, we will tell you how kik messenger works, how should you use it, we are going to tell you today in the caretaker, as well as how to login, the whole process, how you should use it. We are going to tell you all this information in today's article.

What is Kik Messenger, know about it Kik 50

Friends, let us tell you that our application is a messenger application and how to use it, who will win you and give all the other information, we will further tell you how to use the application, along with the features of this application and Friends will tell about defense, how to signup with you and whether it is a free application, we are going to tell you all these information further, so watch this video till the end so that you can know the complete information about this application.

What is Kick messenger app and what to use it for?

Friends, this is an application that is similar to social media platforms like Snapchat, WhatsApp and Instagram, this is an application in which you can chat with your friends and do many things, we will also tell you whether you can use this application You can do this through and this is a social media chatting application and you can use this application on your phone, Android, iPod, and match devices, as well as this application also comes for Windows, so you can use it by stalling it here. can do

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Friends, this is also an application like normal applications, in this application you get an internal browser, through this application you can also play music, you will get the player in this application as well as you can watch videos. You can also do chatting, you can see memes through this application, there are many such uses of this application, like Instagram works, in the same way this application also works, it is a new application like social media platform.

Friends, many people are using this application, let me tell you that more than 10 crore people are using it and using this application for their entertainment, as well as different types of photos and videos in this application. Emojis are used for different types of pictures and GIFs, so you can also use this application for your entertainment, let's know what are the features and functions of this application.

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How to sign up on Kik Messenger? Kick messenger is free app?

  • Friends this application is a free application and you can sign up very easily in this application

  •   First of all, you have to go to their official website, otherwise you can download this application by visiting your App Store, Play Store.

  • After that you have to select your mobile number as well as email id and name and you have to select only one username and

  •   You will need to select a password as soon as you submit your fill up form

  • At the same time your account will be created inside this app and you can use this app

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Kik Messenger Functions and Features

  • Friends, let's know some fun features of this app which will help you a lot while using this application.

  • Friends, this application is a messenger application in which you can chat with each other and through this you can send and receive different types of messages, download, share messages, share videos, share GIFs and Can share different stickers and add community

  • Friends this application allows you to join public group and this group consists of 50 people.

  • A few days ago, kik app has given a new feature to its users, which will help you to meet new people, that is, you can meet new people online and you can get their notifications in the chat box.

  • Kik Messenger main feature gives you the biggest feature of staying anonymous, which you get in super private chart, through this you can talk anonymously to other kik user, only you have to enter your name and email address on this app, enter mobile number there is no need

How to do chatting on Kik messenger

  • Friends, in this app, you have to open this application first to make settings, first you have to download this application from play store and install it.

  •   And you have to click on the chat option, after that your chat box will open and after that you can type the text and send it to that person by clicking on the send option.

  • Along with this, you can also send characters like emoji and GIF along with characters in this app, you also get numeric option in this to send on kik's keyboard.

how to use kik app for hookups?

You can also use this app to do hookups, we tell you how to do it, first of all you have to install this application, after that you have a new option to search new people in this app. Have those features as new features?

You have to use and through it you can find new people and through it you can not make friends and you can also do hookups

In this way, you can do hookups through this app and also make new friends.

How to find people on Kik messenger app?

  • To find new people, first of all you have to click on the option of Find People.

  • After that you will see this option in the right side bottom

  •   After that you have to follow some of these options

  •   you have to search by username

You can search the name of any friend in it or you can start from any group and make new friends by going to any group.

  or you can scan kik code and also discover new bots

  After selecting all these or your new friends will appear in front of you, by clicking on them you can befriend them by talking to them.

How to share media on Kik messenger?

  • To share your media on Akokik Messenger, you simply have to click on the images and videos on the media files whenever you message any friend.

  •   And after that you have to select that video or image

  • and click on the send button

  • Whenever the speed bubble appears, then your media will be considered as sent.

Along with this, you can share any contact such as videos, memes, pictures, stickers and links.

So in this way, you can send any message or media in a simple way, you can share it to any of your friends through this app, so we told you how to share media, it is very easy for any By doing this in the application, in this way you can share your media and images to your friends.

How to chat in Kik messenger group?

  • First of all, whenever you open this application, the option of searching comes in front of you, there you get to see many types of groups.

  • And by clicking on that group you can join that group or you can also create your own group.

  •   And you can make anyone your friend in the group

  • And you can contact or you can create your own group and chat on that too

  This group chats and for this you have to click on the option of start group.

And you can create your own group and you can add your friends from your contact number.

  And after that you can do group chat in this group then in this way you can do group chat on kik messenger


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